Rochester Michigan Web Design

Rochester, Michigan Web Design

Although I have successfully worked with clients thousands of miles away - such as Scott Alarm of Jacksonville, FL - many clients find it most comfortable to work with a web developer who is local. If this describes you, then consider hiring me to be your Rochester, Michigan web designer. I am conveniently located in … Keep Reading »

Design Websites Responsively

Desktop Version

My clients often ask me if I can make a "mobile version" of their website. I usually tell them no. In my experience most mobile websites are very limited versions of the full website. In most cases, important content is lost and not displayed on the "mobile" version of the website. For this reason I am opposed to … Keep Reading »

In Depth Site Statistics

1955 Design In Depth Statistics

Another standard feature offered on all websites we develop is the installation of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Both of these modules are web based programs that allow you to monitor traffic sources, site statistics, visitor demographics and other details related to your website visitors. Google has … Keep Reading »

Simple and Clean Website Design

The trend in current web design leans toward clean, simple user interfaces. Three dimensional graphics and Web 2.0 icons are long gone. Is this a good trend or a bad trend? The typical visitor to your website wants to find information and they want to find it quickly. Rarely do they have the time or interest to spend … Keep Reading »