Writing Effective and Eye Catching Blog Page Headlines

Writing effective blog page headlines is an art form. No doubt about it. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post titled Optimize WordPress Page Headings. By using the technique described in this post, you can choose to write individual page headings for each of your WordPress “Pages” that are descriptive and search engine friendly.

Having this resource at my fingertips has now got me thinking about just how to write headlines that both grab the attention of the reader and are friendly to search engines. I have read various blogs and other resources that offer advice for writing headlines, and think I have learned a bit about the process of writing effective headlines. One of the best articles I have read about writing headlines was written by Brian Clark titled How to Write Headlines That Work.

With so much more to learn about writing copy, however, I would be interested in knowing how you approach headline writing and what your best tip is for making them effective and eye catching. So tell me – what’s your best tip?